January 4th, 2011

Otaku-ism: How you’re offending me and others!

I’m an avid fan of anime and manga and have been for quite some time. However delving into it I’ve noticed some problems cropping up from both the western and eastern side.

First the Western side, since this is closer to home.

Things I’ve noticed is the tolerability of people to put up with out there acts of racism, sexism, misogyny and violence in both anime/manga and laugh at it for being silly. It bothers me as these people consume it and put money back towards bringing out more books/anime like it and I get called out for being too “sensitive” about it. While I’m not going to critique people for making a choice, I do question if they are really recognizing what they are doing. It kinda goes back to my post about Carpe Fulgur games dismissing me. Some of these people are the ones that want some otome (maiden, “girl”) games yet they go out and buy all this stuff that basically tells these companies that what they are doing is par for the course.