May 3rd, 2021

Period Cube – Review

This game just love to force things on the MC that she never asks for, but of course accepts it because she’s such a doormat.

Of course the MC has convenient amnesia and needs a MAAAN to fill her in on what happened.

I was hoping that it would be a decent game about MMOs and stuff like Sword Art, but not here. The MC is completely useless unless the plot calls for it. She can’t do anything herself and needs men to save her. Even the 14 year old boy is stronger than her and it’s pretty bad.

Like she rationalizes because he was trying to keep his promise it’s OK that he’s a murderer/rapist. When you look at it, it’s basically what Shiki wants and nothing about what she wants at all, but she just goes with it for no real reason.

The ending is of course a “reset time and none of this stuff ever happened” bullshit. Almost like what was the point of playing the game.

Let’s also talk about the incest going on. It’s stated he loved her the minute he saw her. At the end of Shiki’s route you can see they meet when she’s not even old enough to form words.

And the ultimate insult is the harem ending is the BAD ending. Women can’t even have an ending where they get all the guys and are happy like males are catered to all the damn time. The MC is then punished of course by being raped by her own brother.

THe best routes out of all of this are Libera, Radius and to a degree Astrum. The rest go way over the line. Zain was a good candidate for being a good one, but the writers decided to toss in the Demento shit and make him evil.

January 11th, 2018

Collar X Malice – Review

It makes no sense for the Swords and Firearms Law to be repealed just for Shinjuku as anyone could just buy a gun there and take it somewhere else. It’s as if they thought arming people would be a good thing and didn’t look to the US to see that, nope, it’s bad. It really makes no sense.


In Okazaki’s case the game forces you to save the life of a serial sexual harasser because he’s the son of some rich person. It’s not stated that he is ever brought to justice. Which means that Adonis is in the right here, if the police won’t prosecute and let law and justice happen, then a group like Adonis is needed to hand out justice.