November 14th, 2012

Elminage (PSP) US release!

For those First person 3D Dungeon RPG (Think Wizardry, Etrian Odyssey) lovers out there, UFO Interactive brings us Elminage!
Trailer is under the cut. Nothing too glorious BUT it does give you a feel for the game :D! This is definitely on my list of MUST BUYS.

Why I like Elminage? From the artwork I’ve seen, it didn’t seem to fall into the sexualize everything that’s female category and the radical dimorphism also doesn’t seem to be present.

ALSO! If this is the version I think it is, you can use your own icons for the players that you see at the bottom :3 So yes your entire party can be the main male cast from whatever anime/game of your choice X3 (Not that I have plans or anything!)


November 25th, 2011

Japanese Voices VS English Voices

This is an argument I see often when someone has the tenacity to ask:

“Is this game dubbed? Is there a Japanese voice option? I won’t play it without Japanese voices.”

The usual answer amongst all the trolling and flaming and insults is:

“The English Voices are really good/excellent!”

Great. You’ve been dismissed, and these people don’t seem to understand one fact. So I’m going to break that fact down for them. This is like pie. What these people have basically asked is:

“Is there going to be Apple Pie at the party? I only want to come if there is Apple Pie. Are there other pies at the party and is Apple one of them? I can only eat apple pie.”

What they got in response is:


Now get this. I don’t care if that cherry pie is good. That cherry pie could have been made by the top chef from France or something. The thing is, I HATE cherries. Cherry pie makes me throw up, and if I’m forced to eat it I’ll gag it down and try to change the flavor in my mouth ad swear never to come to that party again even if it was a free party. Cherries are a vile fruit to me.
All these people are basically saying is:

“WTF is wrong with you?! We’re in AMERICA, you eat the goddamn cherry pie and LIKE it! HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR APPLE PIE! This cherry pie is great.”

Yeah, you can see what’s going on here. Cherry pie is the only pie at the party and you want apple. Simple as that. Do these people respect that? Of course not. They’ll sit there and bemoan the fact you don’t like this $200 gourmet cherry pie when you’ve already stated you want the apple pie, PERIOD. They’ll call you a weaboo (WTF does that even mean), japanophile, otaku and a few other unpleasantries just for having likes and opinions that differ from theirs. Game companies also miss this fact and think EVERYONE wants cherry pie, when in fact a good majority of us don’t but some of us are willing to put up with the half baked sour as hell cherry pie.

Heck even having no pie at the party is also an option and there are games that are better off just dumping the pie. That way no one is disappointed.

November 20th, 2011

When Games are Changed → (Other Life) Azure Dreams

Many people I know have played a little game from around the 1997 era known as “Azure Dreams”. Some people will quip that it was the best game on the PSX of that genre and other will counter with “PSX? Wasn’t it on the GBC?” and both parties will be right.

I’ve played both versions of the game and enjoyed it for the most part. I do have issues with the dating part of the game and the subsequent misogyny that goes on with that aspect (damsel in distress, bathing suit scene, harem, etc.) however you can tend to ignore most of that and enjoy the monster taming mystery dungeon aspect. The GBC version has less of that as they took out most of the dating aspect and actually put in more dungeon to explore.

However the one on the PSX didn’t come to the United States intact. Many people will gloss over the changes by saying that only the voices were taken out however that wasn’t the only change made to the game. The reasons for these other changes are a bit puzzling to me, especially the Monster Book graphics. True the way it was arranged accommodated the Western text layout, but the other graphics?

From the two videos below (Lord Smapy’s Let’s Play of the game is being used for comparison) you can see that the intro was devoiced completely and cropped a little at the bottom (feet get chopped off). The title screen back ground and title font were changed completely. Other noticeable changes were the changing of the angel in the beginning a new angel was made and animated and the graphics on the Monster Book were also changed.