April 14th, 2023

Famicom Detective Club II: Ushiro ni Tastu Shoujo – Review

First and foremost the translation by Demiforce is pretty garbage. Not only do they add themselves to the narrative on one clue, but there’s also lots of American pop cultural references as well as “Wassup,G” in one part of the game that is out of place. Some of these references weren’t even around when the game was made. One major thing is the transphobia they added for one character in particular when you are interviewing students. Of course Nintendo gave them something to work with which is the other half of this review. How utterly misogynistic this whole game is.

This is the prequel game to “The Missing Heir”.  So it basically is telling you where Ayumi came from.

Ayumi who made a Detective Club at school with her friends Hitomi and Yoko. Yoko who was murdered and is the main case of the whole game. Ayumi who is only there as a prize at the end for ‘doing good’ and then becomes the main office slave, useful to get coffee and do men’s menial labor. So much for being a Detective. Of course there are a number of points where she’s “just in the way” as well. Leading for her to be taken as a damsel to be saved… twice.
Yeah this game is a dating sim too.
At least she wasn’t Yoko! Yoko faces a worse fate.

By the end of the game the text exonerates a murder who is also an accessory to murder. Who literally DISPOSED of Yoko and killed Shinobu. The game praises him as a “good guy”. The girls of course are simply trash. Thrown away. He dies an “honorable” death. “He looks up for his students!” As long as they are male.
Meanwhile this is where the plot goes off the rails. Where everything points to him and it flips to “Oh, this other teacher is suddenly a homicidal maniac and REALLY did all the killings!” The story would have been much better if it was about a man who everything thinks is “great and wonderful” but in the end was human garbage. Nope, gotta put all that on someone else… right. at. the. very. end. Just to have Mr. Dogshit come out smelling clean, despite a hit and run and then disposing of the body. Despite tossing a girl into a river. Girls aren’t human to Nintendo in this game.

Also of course it has the “Yoko looks EXACTLY like Shinobu” interchangeable women BS as well on top of all this.

On top of all this there are points where you are blocked not knowing what to do. One is a dunk guy where you have to go through all of the options more than once and is just annoying. Prepare to get stuck.