October 14th, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons: Online

If you don’t know already, D&DO is now free to play. The way they manage this is by letting you buy “premiums” like level caps, races and jobs. I took a look at the game, being interested in it.

I have to say… I can see why people didn’t play the game much. Character creation is a joke really. Sure you can pick hair style, hair color and all that… but you can’t change the face too much save the nose. You forever are stuck with this middle aged grizzled looking human/elf character no matter the combination of nose and mouth.

I didn’t like that. I like my men pretty, this didn’t allow me to make a pretty man. So I’m not feeling connected to the character at all.

Some pluses though are the narration and the way you proceed. It makes it feel like your playing D&D, however without the deep customization that even Neverwinter Nights allowed… it’s kinda pale. And different faces don’t seem to be a pay option either. :P