July 15th, 2013

365 Days of Pointy Hats and Magic: Day 03

So when I woke up this morning I accidentally found the Door of the Beginning and End, of which I activated “Mystery Time”. Then I went outside.
I felt my gut drop as I looked around. The sky was a different color, the ground was black, strange insects flew through the air. What happened?!
I hopped on my broom and decided to investigate. This was indeed the thing Principal Sol had mentioned. So was there a mystery to solve, or did I just open this for not reason and horrible things from the other side would come to kill me.
My thoughts were interrupted by a chalkboard and a skeleton. Great… this is what Mystery Time brings! However it was not so. It seems that Mr. Graves is the Extracurricular Activity instructor and he is only around on Saturday. I had forgotten what day it was. He tasked me to find and ‘animal’ with the name of a hero. For the life of me I couldn’t think of one. I however did see a very odd looking butterfly or moth near the buildings. It was a ‘Human Face Moth’… what hell did I enter into? I explored a bit more and also decided to fish to see what horrors I brought up then. Just two typical angelfish…. Hrmm… this world was not over yet.

Still having no clue about what ‘animal’ I should be looking for, I decided to explore a bit. I went past the ruin and past Fungi Forest and found a trail that was near a lake. I was stopped by a deep voice asking if I could hear it. I quickly looked around and saw nothing. However there was a house in front of me. Maybe it came from there.
I entered the house, it looked old and very haunted. A very typical haunted house. I saw a ghost approach me and thinking it was one of the ‘locals’ I tried saying “Hi!”. That’s when I woke up in the middle of the hall in front of the Door of Beginning and End. Yes, I guess ghosts are just terrible no matter where you go.
I did a quick check into my room, saw some mushrooms, dropped off some things and went back out. That’s when a small, black, bipedal cat was standing there. It introduced itself as a Mail Cat and then proceeded to read me a telegram. There was going to be some pirate waiting for me on the Island on Sunday. Great just great. My only day off and someone wants to butt into it. Wait… we have an Island? I didn’t know then, but later that Island would become very important.

Having been dumped back in the dorms I decided to go to the town and see if there was anything new. There of course was, but I couldn’t afford it. I did find a new wallpaper for 700 Ritch in Harrow’s. That was about it. I then spent some time in Lime Light to memorize the new song playing. I think it was Enka or something. After memorizing that song I was on my way back to exploring. I really wanted to find that manor again and see what lay inside for me. I was encouraged to explore. I stopped in front of the school house before I went poking around inside. Those.. whatever they are that hop up and down behind the roof are seriously creepy. Especially in Mystery Time.
Determined, I went searching again for the manor, it was easy to find this time. Heading past Fungi Forest, taking the trail near the river, past the gravestone. Those gravestone in front of the manor… those would also become important later. I went inside this time and snuck or ran past all the ghosts. I soon found a room with a treasure chest in it. Just sitting there waiting to be opened. So I did! Not looking back to really see what treasure I obtained I ran out of there, hoping the ghosts wouldn’t catch me and take it back. They were dead, what did they need with a…
Stripey Blue Sofa. That’s the treasure I had found. Well at least it would match the walls and wallpaper.

My bag was becoming full so I decided to sell some of the crap the books had given me as well as some of the mushrooms I found along the way. Some of these items actually sell for a fair bit of Ritch. Still having the bugs and fish in my bag… don’t ask, it’s a magic bag, I headed over to visit Sakana and Mushi. I often wondered about them. Are they prisoners? They are chained to the floor with brackets on them. Maybe that’s why Mushi has such a bad personality. It’s his way of fighting against his enslavement. He doesn’t even get a name just “Insect Catalog”, thus why I gave him a nickname. I really wondered what would happen if the two books were released into the world. I felt a pang of pity for them, yet with Principal Sol watching me from above I dared not ask them about it.
I gave Mushi a bug and for once he seemed slightly impressed with me. I felt a little better about him not being such a big jerk.
I then went back to my room and dropped off the sofa and wallpaper. It indeed matched everything. I was hoping to maybe find a lamp soooooon? Maybe?

I went back to visit the manor and see where that voice was talking to me was coming from, that’s when I noticed a cave I didn’t notice before. So of course I went to explore it! It was filled with fireflies and these furry balls with eyes that I assume were insects? I took out my net and caught a few. At the end of the cave was a lake. What else to do here but fish. The fish here however seemed to be tougher to catch than the ones I was used to. However I did catch a canned tuna… yep. Don’t ASK! Welcome to Microkeno! After getting a few more fish including a vampire squid, I decided to leave, catching a few bugs along the way. I dropped by the Tower again and THIS TIME! Mushi was impressed. I’ve never seen him so happy. Sakana of course was being his usual polite self. I love to visit him. I’ll fish more in the future. Next I decided to try and find this Island. I asked around to whom might know where it is. Heh… it was behind the town the whole time…

So apparently there’s a set of stairs at the end of the beach I missed that leads up to a taxi pad, where ah.. a taxi carpet comes to take me to the Island. Mah is what he was called. He had a very soft raspy voice, like he as dead… he probably was considering where I am. The flight took a short while and then I was on the Island. The Island itself is small with only one palm tree and some sand around it. I went fishing for a little and was frustrated even further by these fish. I did fish up a “Giant Sea Creature” measuring a whopping 31cm big. It was tiny. Lest to say I was not impressed. I decided to call it a day and when I was heading back I noticed a scuttling near the palm tree. I quickly changed my wand into a net and caught the little bugger! HAH! Could this be? It was a Hercules Beetle! Is this the ‘animal’ that I was searching for this whole time? Only one way to find out! I tried to get another thinking Mr. Graves would take mine, but couldn’t find any more. I took the taxi back to home and went to Mr. Graves.
Indeed it was the specimen I was searching for. I was curious as to why nobody else in the class was doing any work, but hey I think I’m the only human here! Mr. Graves gave a short lesson on the beetle’s biology and handed it back to me. I headed to the Tower to drop it off and check out my Giant Sea Creature.

Finally I wanted to see if I could find out where that voice was speaking to me from after getting distracted by the manor and the cave. I went back to the manor and took a closer look at those gravestones. Indeed, it was them. Some black smoke poured out of the tombstone and deep scary voice introduced itself as “Shade”, the former ruler of the place. I was wary. It however wanted to atone for it’s previous sins and asked me to find some “Shade Remains”. Oops, I had been selling those off. I did happen to have one on me and gave it to Shade, still wary of it’s claims. It then told me to go find 10 more. Well at least that’s a quest. After it was done talking I decided I had it for today and started to head back to the dorms. On the way back I tried my hand at the Treasure Hunt magic, because I AM supposed to be a wizard after all. That’s when I found 1000 Ritch!! Huzzah, a pay-off! I then went to my room and called it a day. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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