March 9th, 2013

LET’S HATE!!! Ar Tonelico – 09

We get to see the mind rape of the Tenpa Reyvateils and also get to know that Misha is “pure” as she refused because “she’s special” and is saving herself for Lyner.

This is form the old batch, had to do some editing so it took some time.

Rrha ki ra tie yor ini en nha
Wee ki ra parge yor ar ciel
Was yea ra chs mea yor en fwal
Ma ki ga ks maya yor syec

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4 responses to “LET’S HATE!!! Ar Tonelico – 09”

  1. anonymous says:

    Sorry, but you are completely missing the point here. The Critical Down can only kill the Diver, as the Reyvateil’s mind is the one that devours the mind of the Diver due to the disparity in their H-Wave frequencies: the Reyvateil will almost always have a higher frequency than the Diver, which is why this phenomenon happens in the first place.

    Additionally, the Reyvateil’s mind can only get actually destroyed if something happens to the SH Server where her Cosmosphere is hosted, doubly in the case of Third Generations due to their brains mirroring the contents of the SH Server, which executes content redundancy that gives them a far higher possibility of survival in the case of destruction of the servers than the one that Betas and Origins have, which is pretty much nonexistent.

    Aside of that, how can it be considered rape when the Reyvateil either expels them herself or their Mind Guardians kick them out due to their relationship not being close enough? Likewise, the equating to sex is just because of the intimacy required for it: for any sapient being, it would be extremely embarrassing for anyone to have their true feelings and thoughts exposed to anyone. Or wouldn’t you be embarrassed to reveal everything you feel or think upon everyone? I do know that if I was under said circumstances, I would.

    Aside of that, if you are going to get so confrontational when anyone finds a hole in one of your arguments or when anyone intends to discuss something you find offensive in a calm way, how do you expect to hold a peaceful dialogue with others that have opposing views to your own? What is the worth of preaching about equality if you simply close off any possibility of others raising arguments that rebut your own and try to silence them in such a violent way? Because honestly, that is the only impression I’m getting from your way of writing.

    • Maverynthia says:

      And you are missing the point that they are forced to let these people into their minds. It’s stated that they aren’t close enough to begin with and are being used as tools. That would mean they couldn’t dive in the first place, but they CAN. That’s the point. So it is rape considering the innuendos surrounding diving and the sexual innuendos surrounding everything in this game and the simple fact the Reyvateils are plotted to always be female. It’s a male power fantasy. Tenba/pa is set up as the strawman for you to favor the Church who is also treating the Reyvateils in horrible ways, yet no one says anything, not even Lyner.

      I already stated it can be considered rape. They are too afraid to say no. The refuse, they get abused, tortured, maybe even raped outside of diving, and possibly killed. It’s stated that once they get to a certain point they are basically “thrown away”.
      I’m just sorry that you seem to think the world today is a good place enough that women can say no and have that as final answer and not be hounded, badgered, harassed, assaulted and possibly even threaten with death until she gives in. It’s reflected here in Ar Tornelico which uses women as sexual objects for the presumed straight male gamer. They are there as tools that will do what the player wants them to do if they push the buttons in the right way… and it gets worse as the series goes on until it’s mandated the women have to strip naked to unleash their power because PLOT calls for it. It’s a reflection of the way men view women in real life and if they feel they put enough “coins” into her emotion slot they should have sex fall out and if she refuses they are treated as a vending machine where the button keeps getting mashed, the coin retrieve is tried till eventually they end up kicking hitting and trying to tip the machine over to get that sex to fall out.

      They could have done the game in a completely different way and still had the same core story and plot, but they didn’t. So here we have women being (mind) raped in order to show that Temba is aaaall even and villain. It’s a plot trope still used today.

      Also this is my space, I can do what I want with it and can be as confrontational as I want with it. Comparing this to diving as you say, I can expel people from this if I want. This is my safe space on the web as as my rules state I can ban people for whatever reason, you and anyone else are not “entitled” to anything here. Also you are using a fucking tone argument, women have a right to be angry and voice that anger and have those opinions respected because of it.

  2. anonymous says:

    Sorry, but your thumbnail and your equating Diving to “rape” is completely wrong: even if a Reyvateil superficially accepts anyone to Dive into them, she can actually expel the person Diving into her and potentially kill him or her by destroying their mind through a phenomena called Critical Down. That already eliminates any possibility of Diving being non-consensual, as the reward for forcing a Reyvateil into a Dive is falling into an everlasting coma.

    This, on the other hand, just shows that Misha doesn’t know about said phenomena or about Reyvateils that actively refused their Divers to come into their minds.

    • Maverynthia says:

      NOPE.You are wrong, considering they make diving an innuendo to sex, what is going on is mind rape YOU are wrong. As you state it can kill her too which equate to the “If a woman fight back against rape she could die!” You only prove the case more that it’s mind rape. And even if she DOES survive you think they are going to let her live. HA!
      It's rape if you make me too afraid to say no.